Advising Senior Executives on Managing Their Careers


Founded in 2002, JWF Advisors provides career guidance focusing on planning, managing, and executing career transitions.

Since that time, dozens of executives have committed to work with the advisor to do the often challenging work of determining their career goals. While most have records of distinctive accomplishment, and many are privileged to have many choices, they have sought a partner to determine what the next chapters of their careers would look like.

The range of subjects addressed includes:

  • Identification of precise strengths and weaknesses, with documentation of each.
  • Experiences in the past which have provided joy and stimulation and analysis of why
  • The individual’s financial status and objectives
  • Geographic and family preferences/constraints
  • Identification of preferred industries
  • Identification of preferred functions.
  • Targeting of firms/institutions and positions which fit these requirements.
  • Introduction to executive recruiters with specialization in relevant areas.
  • Preparation of appropriate biographical information
  • Preparation of “elevator speech” to succinctly introduce oneself and one’s goals.
  • Video recording of mock interviews to assess and, if necessary, alter presentation style and respond to specific difficult questions
  • Strategy for networking and information interview campaign
  • Inclusion of spouse/partner where appropriate

The clients include individuals who have recently sold businesses, people who were runner up in a CEO competition at their company, executives who are weary of their present path and want to alter career direction, as well as executives who have achieved career goals in their present companies and are looking for a new challenge. Advisory fees have been paid both by the individual or by their company.

The work of career planning is arduous and requires full engagement, insights, patience and time. The typical assignment is a six month agreement which has proven to be adequate time to complete the work.

Hourly consultations are available, but should not be confused with the longer term mutual commitment which yields significantly more strategic results.

There are several conditions which are required to be successful in this work.

  • A trust based relationship with the advisor
  • Willingness and readiness to elevate this to be a top priority issue in the life of the client
  • Openness to feedback, coaching, and willingness to change
  • Tenacity, durability, and consistency.

This service is NOT job placement. While the advisor is willing to make referrals and recommendations where appropriate, the actual acquisition of a position is beyond the scope of the objectives. A number of individuals have, however, cut short their engagement after receiving and accepting appropriate job offers.

To summarize, JWF Advisors was founded to provide a confidential setting in which an individual has the opportunity to work with an expert and confidant over an extended period of time to determine the course of his/her career. The advisor brings a combination of knowledge of career patterns, exposure to a wide range of successful executives, and expertise in the dynamics of the job market. As each individual has specific and unique needs, there is no formulaic approach.

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