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John Franklin established JWF Advisors to provide strategic career advisory services to senior executives. The “War for Talent” research conducted by McKinsey & Company concludes that there will be major shortages of management talent in the United States well into this century. Capable senior executives will have no lack of opportunities for advancement, management challenges and wealth creation.

Demand for leadership talent is a given. Understanding one’s own preferred course is separate and distinct. JWF Advisors addresses the need for the individual manager, during a time of transition, to understand his own direction. It is that understanding that we seek with our clients.

Throughout his 30 year executive recruiting career, John Franklin provided informal advice to senior executive clients, but without the opportunity or time to focus in-depth on the individual, his or her strengths and weaknesses and interests and requirements. This enterprise formalizes what had been an informal process by providing in-depth career counsel to talented senior executives.

Clients work with our advisor to design tailored objectives and a unique plan for their program. Confidentiality and discretion are assured.

We see the career advisory service as being analogous to a total physical exam at the Mayo Clinic, an experience shared by many successful executives. It is an opportunity to check the vital signs of one’s career and other aspects of one’s life, to confirm or change course under the guidance of an experienced, independent advisor. While each assignment is finite in time, we see the service having benefits that continue to be useful over a business lifetime.

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